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Florida Grind Baseball is a group of ex-professional players and coaches working together to create a unique opportunity for players with enough talent to play at levels above high school. The Dugout and the Strike Zone, two renowned baseball academies, have joined together to provide additional opportunities for these young athletes to develop and hone their skills. Our travel teams are designed to give every player the maximum exposure to college and pro recruiting and scouting.

We also will be running showcases at different college venues to further player exposure. Some of these showcases we will use as tryouts and recruiting. We only employ highly credible coaches to take our players to the events. We are able to create an environment and event schedule for players to show their best and get recruited. The concept of travel baseball does have its flaws and carrying slightly larger rosters has its challenges. We use the credibility of our coaches and instructors to help offset these challenges. We can't play the games and perform for the players, but if they work hard, play hard, continue to improve and show baseball IQ, this organization will help maximize their opportunities. We prepare our players for what comes with moving on to the higher levels since we have all been to the highest levels ourselves – Experience is the Best Teacher.

The importance of academic achievement and maturation is a huge asset when being recruited and we insist on accountability and the ability to carry oneself with pride and professionalism. Currently, between our two academies and our travel ball, our group of coaches and instructors have helped almost 60 players get to a higher level in less than 3 years since we began this venture to help our young players.

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